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Send parcels quickly and safely. From Romania to England. From England to Romania.

In a fast moving world, nothing is more important than having reliable, fast-moving shipping logistics, storage solutions, and parcel handling.Here at Crespo Com, we’ve got the services you need to break the limits of distance. Send packages efficiently and safely from anywhere in Romania to the United Kingdom and back again. Whether you wish to send something to your loved ones, transport personal belongings when moving abroad, or if you just need an international courier on the Romania – England route,Crespo Com is your trusted shipping and logistics partner.


Who We Are.

For the Crespo Com team, international transport comes naturally to us. With decades of experience behind us and a logistics fleet that leverages cutting-edge shipping and parcel handling technology, we’re here to make international transport simple.


What We Do.

Our services include international transport from Romania to Great Britain and back. From letters, packages and bags, to packing and storage services,we’ve got everything you need to ship and handle your parcels with ease.


Storage made Simple.

Our storage services make it easy for you to book a delivery well in advance, or if your intended recipient isn’t able to receive your parcel. We offer warehouse space in Romania and England to ensure the very best storage environment for your package.


Book With Us.

Visit our services page to learn more about what we have to offer. If you wish to place an order online click here. You don’t have an account yet? Don’t worry! Registering is easy and takes just a few moments.Actually, with Crespo Com everything is easy – especially sending packages abroad.


We get to where it matters most

About Us

Crespo Com was born in 1997 out of a new desire to build a bridge between Romania and England. We knew that more and more Romanians were making contact with others in England, and the need for a trusted, reliable, affordable parcel delivery service was becoming more of a necessity.

With decades of experience, we’ve made it possible to create a vital artery between the UK and Romania, where people from each country can bridge the gap that exists between them and build friendships, families, and business connections through our international transport services.

From the very beginning, we built our activities to ensure that we could promptly serve the needs of all of our clients, while adhering to the highest quality norms. We know how important on-time delivery is, and that’s why we always stick to the delivery schedule, ensuring at all times the intact state of your packages and parcels. 


Work With A Friendly And Dynamic Delivery Team

The Crespo Com team is comprized of young and dedicated employees who are ready to put their abilities and their passion to the test to exceed your expectations. Full of life and ambition, the Crespo Com crew strongly believe in our mission and values. Each and every day we work to deliver the highest quality. We’re ready to adapt to your requirements and to use our flexibility to deliver from Romania to England and from England to Romania, fast and efficient every time.

Our Mission

For us, no transport requirement is too difficult to manage.  No matter the size or shape of your parcel, we strive to meet your needs with a fast, efficient, and affordable international shipping service that upholds the highest standards of professionalism.

We’re always at your disposal, ready to be contacted and to deliver. You can always get in touch with us by e-mailphone or social media.


Custom Fleet Options To Suit Your Needs

Throughout more than 20 years of existence, we’ve worked to develop our services in a way that puts our customers at the center of attention for every job. For us, nothing is more important than delivering personalized shipping, logistics, and storage services from end to end.

For that very reason, we’ve worked to develop our own custom fleet of couriers to make door to door service as fast as possible.

This way, you can make full use of our flexibility and shipping services that offer fast and convenient, delivery – both in terms of time and finances. Our fleet can collect envelopes, packages, and pieces of baggage from anywhere in Romania and deliver them in the desired regions in the UK.


Packages sent from ROMANIA to ENGLAND should not contain: TOBACCO PRODUCTS, ALCOHOL, ARMS, DRUGS, OR OTHER SUBSTANCES PROHIBITED BY LAW. Crespo Com reserves the right to check the contents of each package and to confiscate any of these BANNED products at our own discretion!!

Sending Your Packages Overseas Has Never Been So Easy. From Romania To England, And Back Again, Crespo Com Makes Shipping Fast & Painless.


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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal.